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Writer, reader, sunglasses-lover, reluctant yogi, amateur meditator, permanent chill-seeker | London, UK | @thetinkpanther

Ditch the guilt and splurge on this everyday item (it’s worth it).

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

What makes me the expert on hairbrushes and how much you are allowed to pay for them? I have no skills at styling hair whatsoever. I got a stress ulcer the day of my daughter’s last school photo. Rather than tongs I have to use a hefty tool that sucks my hair in to create curls, GHD straighteners for less frizzy hair and a hair-tie for all other styles (i.e. a ponytail). This is my entire repertoire of “hair-styling.”

However, as a kid who was always so desperate for literature I would grab any bottle of shampoo or shower gel…

Before mobile phones, perverts were still only a phone call away.

Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

Have dirty old men — and dirty young ones for that matter — changed their tack this millennium? Now that (somewhat scarily) pornography is accessible at absolutely any time to almost everyone for free, you may hope that the lewd phone callers of the past have just upgraded to adult porn channels. Maybe they enjoy calling live chat rooms instead so they can continue to talk dirty without recourse, ignoring the small remuneration for the women on the receiving end of their banter. After all, these women love it don’t they. Don’t they?

I wonder if there are still men…

It’s not all doom and gloom if you come down with Coronavirus.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When life give you lemons, make lemonade. When you get the dreaded ‘Rona, embrace your missing sense of smell. I honestly couldn’t recommend it highly enough! Doing so helped me to be a better version of myself and improved my familial relationships no end.

To clarify, I have a very sensitive nose. Great for enjoying perfumes and overpriced designer candles you could weightlift with. Bad for allergies, smelly humans and too good to be true Air BnB rentals.

Being in a UK-wide lockdown I’m not exposed to the beautiful smell of new scents at the Harrods perfumery right now, nor…

And other unlikely ways to achieve beautiful skin this winter

Photo by Helen Ngoc N. on Unsplash

I am not a dermatologist. Just a well-meaning, tired, slightly vain person who is over 40 and a little bit obsessed with non-surgical techniques for achieving beautifully clear and glowing skin. Not committed enough to do a ten-step Korean cleanse, I am also unwilling to part with significant amounts of money in this quest. Bar one, my tips come via personal experience, not a freebie overload from a Beauty PR, and they won’t cost you a thing. But they will help your achingly dry winter skin.

Many of us have suffered with drier skin than usual this year, due to…

A controversial opinion about something other than THAT green velvet coat

Warning: this article contains spoilers

Image from HBO

It wasn’t all about Ms Kidman’s stellar acting, her understated bohemian-luxe wardrobe, or the beauty of Manhattan in the winter. It wasn’t even the outright sexiness of Matilda De Angelis’ mysterious Elena. The Undoing was about three beautiful men and a cheap(er) dress.

Reflecting on the HBO six-parter, I can’t help but feel everyone has been distracted by focusing on just one obvious aspect of the show. Yes, Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe was amazing. But wasn’t it always going to be? She is rich, elegant, model-tall. Everything is going to look fabulous on her figure and…

Explaining racist headlines to my white co-workers

Photo by Connor Danylenko from Pexels

When is a newspaper headline not racist? It’s all down to interpretation – from white people, seemingly. Since something only becomes racist and subject to cancel culture if a liberal white person deems it so, how can people of colour share their own experiences without the inevitable writing off of continuous tiny slights as innocent mistakes, and then being labelled overly sensitive?

I’ve had such experiences all my life, to the point where I started to tolerate them more and more. I vividly recall a discussion with my work colleagues a few days after the bombing of the London Underground…

And I’m not taking it off to make you feel more comfortable.

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Ever since the bombings resumed in Gaza this May I have felt like I needed to do more. But what? I donate to the PSC, I attend pro-Palestinian marches when I can, I sign petitions, write letters to my local MP and buy avocados grown in Peru. I speak up where possible, usually when it is reduced to a hugely one-sided and simplified conversation about rocket-firing terrorists.

But when even the most left-wing comedians are too afraid to speak up, and Trevor Noah has to pussyfoot around calling Israel out as a modern-day pariah state practicing apartheid, what can one…

Don’t let Covid rules and high winds ruin your social life.

Photo by Olga Serjantu on Unsplash

Outdoor dining used to be fun. Reserved for warmer days in the summer or lazy long lunches enjoyed in the Mediterranean sunshine while on holiday. An outside table used to be something you eagerly requested only once you arrived at the restaurant, with a smile on your face as you realised it was warm enough to enjoy the sun on your skin while washing down your food with ‘rosé all day’ in the company of friends.

Now eating outdoors is one of the only ways to connect with friends and enjoy a meal that you haven’t had to cook yourself…

And yes, it DOES have to be French.

Photo by Ike louie Natividad from Pexels

For the past few weeks I’ve been fantasising HARD about six inches. Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean six inches of hair. Off. Chopped. Cut. I’m over my pandemic hair – and chances are you are too.

Skincare is so hit and miss. You can spend big bucks on the latest star product, putting blind faith in to it working any better than a drugstore cream. The myriad of skincare products available mean you could quite easily fall into the trap of creating a 12-step routine that would put a Korean beauty YouTuber to shame. …

Accepting the posthumous spin is just another form of gaslighting.

The Duke of Edinburgh, November 2008

When Queen Elizabeth II’s consort of over seventy years passed away last week, the abundance of news stories commiserating the death of the Duke of Edinburgh was of no surprise. The British media began their fawning misrepresentation of Prince Philip’s character in an appropriately sombre tone as only they know how to do. Dignified, respectful – and downright ridiculous.

The media coverage in the last week has become increasingly cringeworthy as every negative aspect of Prince Philip’s personality has been glossed over with the pomp and ceremony of obituary-worthy adjectives. ‘Racist’ has been replaced by ‘old-fashioned.’ ‘Mean’ with ‘straight-talking and…

Suman Sandhu

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